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Periodically Three Lakes Golf Club will be offering a new concept or challenge to help improve an aspect of your golf game. Many ideas and games are borrowed from golf books or articles on the subject.

Freund Friday 4/20/2018: The Mental Game - Post-Shot Routine

Many golf instructors talk at length about the importance of the pre-shot routine. And it is very important, but a subject rarely mentioned is the POST-SHOT ROUTINE. What is a post-shot routine? Exactly what it sounds like. It is your actions following your shot.


Mo Monday 4/16/18: Drive for Show - Putt For Dough!

Drive for show, putt for dough! Who hasn't heard that before?  Well, it’s accurate.  How many times have we hit one of our best tee shots of the day, and then hit the next shot on the green with a chance for birdie? 


Freund Friday 4/13/2018: The Mental Game – Think/Play Box

This week we are going to discuss decision making and committing to each shot.


Indecision and fear creates tension and hesitancy, both of which lead to bad shots. One trick to help you commit to your shot is the idea of the THINK BOX and the PLAY BOX. 



Freund Friday 4/6/2018: The Mental Game - Playing Focus

When you are on the golf course it is very easy to let your mind wander. Golfers often lose focus and stop paying attention to the shots they are hitting. They simply go through the motions; select club, hit ball and go find it. On the most basic level that is what golf is all about.